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Our Upcoming Webinars

DateTimeWebinar (click to register)LanguageAudiencehf:tax:monthhf:tax:languagehf:tax:product_category
16th July10:00 BSTData Protection OverviewEnglishSales & TechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishdata-protection
18th July15:00 BSTCrowdStrike Platform OverviewEnglishSales & TechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishfalcon
18th July13:00 AESTPower of CrowdStrike Falcon SOAREnglishTechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishfalcon-fusion-soar
18th July15:00 ISTFalcon Exposure Management (FEM)EnglishSales & TechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishexposure-management
19th July14:00 CESTFCSC – Deployment Options and Licensing for Container WorkloadsEnglishTechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishcloud
24th July10:00 COTMensaje ejecutivo de protección a equipos finales (P2C)SpanishSales & TechnicalLearn More07-julyspanishfalcon
25th July15:00 ISTCrowdStrike Falcon Horizon (CSPM) Hand-on workshopEnglishTechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishhands-on
25th July10:00 COTFalcon Exposure ManagementEnglishSales & TechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishfalcon
25th July09:00 BRTEleve sua Segurança de Endpoint com a CrowdStrike (P2C)PortugueseSales & TechnicalLearn More07-julyportuguesefalcon
26th July11:00 BSTFalcon Identity Protection – Technical Deep DiveEnglishTechnicalLearn More07-julyenglishidentity

Any subject you would like to see or feedback for the team, please reach out to your regional Channel Solution Architect.